About The Order

We are a fraternal organization of individuals who work in the insurance related industry.


We are home office executives, field claims reps, auditors, underwriters, general adjusters, agents, brokers, investigators, contractors, regulators, appraisers, salvors, attorneys, engineers, and a host of others.

We meet socially, and not as a part of any insurance or industry group. Our mutual link is the career experience we have in our chosen field.

Our formal name is the Honorable Order of The Blue Goose, International. We have local groups, called Ponds, throughout the United States and Canada.

We are called Ganders. Our officers have titles such as Wielder of the Goose Quill, Guardian of the Pond, and Keeper of the Golden Goose Egg. We have a secret initiation ceremony.

Blue Goose offers much to do.

Every Pond has its own unique blend of members and of activities.   Some Ponds meet in the evenings, some meet at lunch time, and some mix it up. There are fund raisers to generate money for charity. There are dinner-dances golf outings, and Christmas parties. There are educational seminars, speakers from many backgrounds, and  get-togethers with insurance commissioners and industry leaders.  There are events involving multiple Ponds.

We hold an annual convention each Summer in a different city, each convention hosted by a Pond which competed for the privilege.

Our convention is a family affair. Ganders bring their spouses and children. Activities are planned for Ganders, for non-Gander Spouses, and for the children.

Why We Do What We Do


We have each found reasons to give our time to Blue Goose when we all have other demands on our time.

There is fellowship. We are a community of interest, experience, activity, and feeling. This community nature is something larger and  yet more intimate than a business association or networking group. We are genuine friends.

There is education. Many of our Ponds have speakers on interesting and practical topics. Some have certified continuing education  programs. Blue Goose promotes IIA, IIC, and CPCU programs. Blue Goose presents annual awards for academic excellence to  individuals earning the highest grades in competitive IIA examinations. We continue to grow in our profession.

There is charity. The Ponds, each in its own way, provide needed support for a variety of charities. Some spread donations over  several charities. We help those in need.

There is leadership. When we give ourselves in the work of Blue  Goose, and when we are elected to office in Blue Goose, we gain experience in new areas, Poise and confidence is gained in the administration of activities and in the management of others. We acquire leadership skills.

Additional Benefits


These benefits provide you with an idea of what we’re about. Far better than any pamphlet or website is a visit to a Pond as a guest of one of our Ganders.

Most members of the insurance community are eligible for membership. The full spectrum of the field is represented in our Ganders. This is one of our strengths. In a relaxed atmosphere, the Ponds provide Ganders a place in which to take the pulse of their  industry.

We want you to visit with us, to meet with the Ganders, and to find  out for yourself about our organization, Blue Goose.

You will find character, charity, and fellowship in abundance.

You will find a welcoming group of friends.

You will find that a place has been saved for you.

Please join us.

The History of the Order


The Honorable Order of the Blue Goose was founded in 1906 at the annual meeting of the Wisconsin Field Men’s Club held at the Oakwood Hotel in Green Lake, Wisconsin. Today, consisting of 4,000 members or “Ganders” in 43 groups or “Ponds” across the United States and Canada, the Blue Goose has a long and storied history of both charity and fellowship. Along with the first Bulletin published in 1908, annual publications have continued to this day with news and information about both the Blue Goose and the insurance industry in general. 

For information on our rich history, we invite you to head over to the Blue Goose website! 

Grand Nest Website

Past Most Loyal Ganders

Past Most Loyal Grand Gander


1937 - H.B. Luety

1968 - Harry Cutler


1917 – 18 A. McCreery 

1918 – 19  Harry Howse 

1919 – 20 Harry Howse 

1920 – 21 H. B. Holland 

1921 – 22 Fred A Burgess 

1922 – 23 H B. Leuty 

1923 – 24 J. L. Noble

1924 – 25 J. W. Wilson 

1925 – 26 John Anderson 

1926 – 27  A. Z. Delong 

1927 – 28  W. A. Lawson 

1928 – 29  Charles V. Wakely 

1929 – 30  G. C. Hodge 

1930 – 31 W. O. Banfield 

1931 – 32 Reg Long 

1932 – 33 H. J. Cave 

1933 – 34 J. R. Stewart 

1934 – 35  G. L. Schetky 

1935 – 36  W. J. Johnston 

1936 – 37  J. E. Rose 

1937 – 38 J. L. Noble 

1938 – 39  J. P. McBeath 

1939 – 40  Hugh Kirkup


1940 – 41 F. T. Keeling 

1941 – 42 F. T. Keeling 

1942 – 43 F. M. Hann

1943 – 44 F. M. Hann 

1944 – 45 R. E. Hortin 

1945 – 46 R. E. Hortin 

1946 – 47 J. F. Parrott 

1947 – 48  J. S. Greer 

1948 – 49  J. G. McBeath 

1949 – 50  George M. Meredith 

1950 – 51 Owen Westgate 

1951 – 52  Harry Seabrook 

1952 – 53 K. W. Nesbitt 

1953 – 54 G. L. Craddock 

1954 – 55 Ben S. Whitaker 

1955 – 56 Wm G. Stott 

1956 – 57  Norman G. Pimm 

1957 – 58  Geoffrey Clarkson 

1958 – 59  Peter Sloman 

1959 – 60  Harry Cutler


1960 – 61 A. D. Webb 

1961 – 62 John Bell 

1962 – 63 L. A. Stephens 

1963 – 64 W. G. Partridge 

1964 – 65 Sam Badger 

1965 – 66 A. H. B. Wotherspoon

1966 – 67  Angus MacDonald 

1967 – 68 Barry Jackson 

1968 – 69  Jacob Brouwer 

1969 – 70 A. E. (Barney) Nunns

1970 – 71  John Ross 

1971 – 72 Arden Brown 

1972 – 73  Charles Lane 

1973 – 74 Ralph P. Talbot 

1974 – 75 Douglas James 

1975 – 76 Art Pruden 

1976 – 77 A. E. (Barry) Cole 

1977 – 78 Harold Duggan 

1978 – 79 Murray J. Mandley 

1979 – 80 Thomas Woods 


1980 – 81 Bordan Klimko

1981 – 82  Eric J. Laity 

1982 – 83 Errol Fraser 

1983 – 84 Ronald E. Newcomb 

1984 – 85  Gerald T. Black 

1985 – 86 Terry Newman 

1986 – 87 Herb T. Kirk 

1987 – 88 Gordon Allan 

1988 – 89 Donald W. Day 

1989 – 90 Ernest C. Beaudin

1990 – 91  Gary Smallwood

1991 – 92  Edward G. Chisham 

1992 – 93  John Walton 

1993 – 94 Robb Donay 

1994 – 95 Eric J. Laity 

1995 – 96 Jack Bennett 

1996 – 97 Keith Klimko 

1997 – 98 Bryan Fitzpatrick

1998 – 99  Duncan McPhie 

1999 – 00 Terry McCarthy


2000 – 01  Allen Booth 

2001 – 02  Carmen Place

2002 – 03  John Pump 

2006 – 07  William Cook

2007 – 08  K.R. Byrne

2008 – 09  Larry Gauvreau

2009 – 10  Bryan Fitzpatrick 

2010 – 11 Mike Sully 

2011 – 12  Angela Shears 

2012 – 13 Angela Shears 

2013 – 14  Ian Thompson 

2014 – 15 Ian Thompson 

2015 – 16 Martin Moran

2016 – 17  Martin Moran 

2017 – 18  Wendy Knizek

2018 - 19   Wendy Knizek 

The History of the A.Z. DeLong Golf Tournament

There has been a long running two-stage golf tournament played between the Seattle and BC Ponds. Trying not to lose the histories of our ponds and our great organization to the mists of time, The Seattle Honk published the following article about the history of the A. Z. Delong trophy, which has been contested since 1930.



Issue no. 1 of the Honk in May 1937 pointed out that the seventh annual tournament of the A.Z. Delong Memorial Trophy was to be played against a team of twelve men from British Columbia Pond.  That same issue gave information in answer to “Who was A.Z. Delong?”

“Archie” as he was affectionately known by all Ganders who knew him, was a charter member of British Columbia Pond and assisted in the inauguration of the original Pacific Northwest Pond at Indian River, BC on July 14th, 1923.  The early records of the Seattle Pond indicate that he was a frequent visitor to Seattle and at their Annual Meeting on July 18th, 1927 at Des Moines, installed their new officers of their pond.

Archie was Manager of the British Columbia Board of Underwriters.  He was an extremely active member of the Blue Goose, a sportsman of the highest type and was loved by all who knew him.  He took his last long flight in Portland, OR in 1928.

At the award dinner following a golf game it was suggested that some sort of annual match between the two Ponds be arranged, it being felt that this, having an international flavor, would go a long way in cementing the friendship of the two ponds.

After a thorough discussion, it was agreed by those present that a suitable trophy would be purchased by the two ponds to be played for on a home-and-home match basis.  It was further unanimously agreed that a cup should be secured as the trophy and be known as “The A.Z. DeLong Memorial Cup” in memory of one of our Ganders who was a true Blue Goose.

The first match was played in 1930 but it was not until about 1933 or 1934 that the money was raised by the two Ponds to purchase the trophy.  Except for the war years 1941-45, every match has been played […]


The following rules have been adopted and govern all of the matches:

Competition for this trophy shall consist of two matches a year between golf teams from the respective Ponds, one match to be held in Seattle or vicinity and one in Vancouver or vicinity.  The home team shall select the course on which the match is to be played, the dates to be selected by mutual agreement.

The teams shall consist of, at least, 12 members of each Pond and if more players are available, each team shall consist of the same number.  Scoring will be on Match Play with ¾ difference in handicap, each player scoring 1 point for the first nine, 1 point for the second nine and 1 point for match.  Total points for the yearly competition shall be a minimum of 72.  In the event a team is unable to field 12 players, then they shall forfeit to the other team three (3) points for each player short.  In the event both teams are short the required 12 players, then the team having the least number of men shall forfeit to the other team three (3) points for each player short the difference in team numbers.

The Pond team having the greatest number of points in one year shall have possession of the trophy until the cup is won by the team from the other Pond.

Eligible players shall be members in good standing of either the Seattle or British Columbia Ponds or members of either Pond holding dual memberships in the other Pond.

Ground rules at the course on which matches are played are to prevail.  Stymies are not played.  All questions of handicaps, eligibility or special rules are to be settled by joint meeting of the golf committees of the respective Ponds.

Expense of preserving the cup and engraving names shall be borne by the winning Pond.