January Initiation, and February event choices!

Happy New Year from the BC Pond of the Honorable Order of the Blue Goose, Int’l!

What an exciting time, the start of a brand new year.  Planning. Organization.  Throwing out that whatcha-ma-callit that Aunt Tilly gave you for your wedding gift.  And, new meetings planned for the Blue Goose!

What better way to start the year off than with an initiation?  We have tencount ’em, 10! – unsuspecting Goslings that are anxiously honking on the banks of our pond, ready to take their first swim.   Your executive has met and begun rehearsals of the initiation rite, and we are sure that the organization will be in fine form for the evening’s festivities.  We know that none of our Ganders have let slip the secrets of the inner sanctum of our initiation, under severest penalty of banishment, so all of the Goslings will be truly surprised – and perhaps perturbed and in need of therapy – after the initiation.

We welcome all Ganders to attend, and have even planned this initiation to occur on a night that does not conflict with the Blue Goose Curling League, as there are many Goslings – vouched for and considering – in that league that may wish to attend.  We even encourage our membership to bring with them a candidate for initiation, on the understanding that they will be initiated that night!

The date of our event is Wednesday, January 27th, at the usual meeting haunt of the Vancouver Golf Club.  Come for 5pm, dinner will be at 6pm with the initiation to follow.  Please contact Wield of the Goose Quill, Bryan Fitzpatrick, to confirm your attendance at this illustrious event.  If you are one of our unsuspecting Goslings, you will be contacted directly by Custodian of the Goslings, Mayank Anand.

We are also seeking input from our membership with respect to our February outing.  We have tried to elicit some feedback, and have heard loud and clear that many of our ganders have to cross the horror of the Port Mann Bridge (it’s actually become much smoother since the new bridge stopped dropping ice on everyone…) to attend downtown meetings.  So, with that sort of feedback in mind, we are taking a poll from our members as to what they would like to see in February!  The choices are: indoor go-karting, bowling, or a night of snow tubing on Mount Seymour.  Any would be a great choice, and we encourage everyone to vote, whether you might attend or not.  Any of these events would be perfect to bring a guest to.  Please note, however, that given the costs of most of these, we do have minimum attendance required, and are going to request payment in advance.  We want to run fun events for our group, but want to ensure we do it at a profit, not a loss, and that people don’t back out at the last minute.  The tentative date for any and all of these activities would be February 24th, 2016.  Cast your vote below!

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