Website Redesign

Pardon us while we make a few changes around here!  We decided it was time to overhaul and redesign the BC Pond website, and make it much cleaner looking while providing you even more information and useful links.

To start with, the slider is gone, with the most recent and featured content right at the top, where it’s most visible.  While we’ve seen some sliders that worked really effectively, we think this layout is less visually distracting, especially given that we are only posting (usually) one or two updates a week.  Also, because the slider is gone, there isn’t a duplication of postings between the top area and the older posts, so you can read more of the recent articles on one page.  It also doesn’t stretch the featured images, which makes things look much more proportional.


Our new menu has several sections, all of which are worth checking out:

  • Calendar, which will take you to a more detailed and more informative page about our upcoming events.  Check out the page for the A.Z DeLong Tournament as an example.  These will soon also act as the main announcement for upcoming meetings, etc., and will combine both the event page and the blog post page.  These events will also be part of the blog roll, so you will see them as they are posted!
  • Pond News and Events take you to listings for any posting on the site marked with these categories, so you can get a recap of all events or all news if that’s what you wish.
  • Photos takes you to some pretty cool and immersive photo galleries.  Click on a photo to enlarge it, and be able to navigate from one large photo to the next.
  • Vancouver Island Puddle takes you to any post that relates directly to discussions about the Puddle.  So far it is just early days, and the posts are only about the vote at the 2015 AGM.
  • Committees is a drop down, with a list of the committees that are working with the Blue Goose BC Pond.
  • About the BC Pond is a drop down with all sorts of links about our Pond, including membership applications and forms to contact us.  We will soon be posting more pages detailing our Pond history here.
  • About the Order is a drop down with links to information about the Honorable Order of the Blue Goose, International, including references to our Order’s history.


At the very top of the page you will notice some links to quick and important information, such as contacts for the Executive, membership information, a link to pay your dues, a link to the Grand Nest Website, and links to reach the Pond’s social media pages on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Down the right side, you will see a place to subscribe by e-mail – something each member should do, as we don’t use the HOBGI E-Mail Application for post put up on the blog, so you will get a notice of each of our updates this way – along with being able to see our Twitter and Facebook feed.  These feeds are new, and we will be updating each of them fairly regularly.  There is also a way to select older posts to view, either by month or clicking in the tag cloud that will let you see posts about specific topics.


We think the site looks much cleaner and is much more informative, and we’ve done a lot of work to get it to this stage.  If you like the changes to the site, or have suggestions to make it even more user-friendly, please feel free to drop any of the executive a note with your suggestions!


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