Recap of Our Annual General Meeting 2015

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Ganders and Goslings mingle prior to the initiation.

Highlights of our AGM

On June 11, 2015, the British Columbia Pond of the Honorable Order of the Blue Goose International held their Annual General Meeting at the Vancouver Golf Club, including the initiation of 12 new ganders!  There were many business items that were adopted, with the full minutes to be posted soon, however I thought I would give a bit of a highlight reel in this blog post.

This post is a bit longer than most, so I’ve broken it down into sections to make it easier to jump back and forth.  More information on each item can be found by clicking below:

Your 2015-2016 Blue Goose Executive

Your 2015 Executive (L-R) Wendy Knizek, Bryan Fitzpatrick, Martin Moran, Stacy Rose, Mayank Anand (absent: Rosa Pinto)
Your 2015 Executive (L-R) Wendy Knizek, Bryan Fitzpatrick, Martin Moran, Stacy Rose, Mayank Anand (absent: Rosa Pinto)

We are pleased to welcome the following members into the role of the Blue Goose Executive:

  • Most Loyal Gander  –  Martin Moran
  • Supervisor of the Flock  –  Stacey Rose
  • Keeper of the Golden Goose Egg  –  Wendy Knizek
  • Guardian of the Pond  –  Rosa Pinto
  • Custodian of the Goslings  –  Mayank Anand
  • Permanent Wielder of the Goose Quill  –  Bryan Fitzpatrick
  • Past Most Loyal Grand Gander  –  Angela Shears

Many of our executive are not only new to the committee with either one term, or having been newly elected at the AGM (with the exception of Martin and Bryan), but are also fairly recent members of the Blue Goose.  Welcome them all, wish them wisdom in their guidance, and reach out to any of them with questions or suggestions!

The Executive welcomed the honour of being sworn in by PMLGG Lorena Kohlruss, who has recently relocated to Vancouver Island (more below) and was able to clear her schedule to attend the meeting.
The Executive welcomed the honour of being sworn in by PMLGG Lorena Kohlruss, who has recently relocated to Vancouver Island (more below) and was able to clear her schedule to attend the meeting.

While it is normal that the retiring Most Loyal Gander (MLG) stay on in the committee role of Past Most Loyal Gander (PMLG), we are also celebrating that our newly appointed PMLG, Ian Thompson, will be retiring in earnest and moving to Vancouver Island.  While he won’t be serving on our committee, he will be continuing work with the Pond – more of which below!

MLG Moran (L) presenting PMLG Thompson with his PMLG Pin
MLG Moran (L) presenting PMLG Thompson with his PMLG Pin

Angela Shears has graciously accepted Martin’s request to stay on in the role of PMLG and provide guidance and support to the committee.  A special thank you to both Ian and Angela for their service!

Retirement of Keith Klimko

PMLG Keith Klimko has been the Permanent Keeper of the Golden Goose Egg of the British Columbia Pond for several years (this time – it was not his first round at this), and has elected to take his leave of the post.  Given his stalwart service as KGGE, not just for the past few years, but also his first stint of several years, along with his term as MLG, Martin was pleased to present him with a plaque to thank him for his service to our organization.  (Special mention to Stacey Rose, who did all the hard work of organizing the engraving!)  Thank you Keith, from all of us in the Blue Goose!

MLG Moran presenting PMLG Keith Klimko with an award for his years of service to our Pond.
MLG Moran presenting PMLG Keith Klimko with an award for his years of service to our Pond.

Donation to Special Olympics

For several years, the Special Olympics have been the designated charity of the BC Pond, and we have continued in that vein this year.  Due to some profitable events that we have held, mainly the pool tournament and the craft beer tasting, we were in the fortunate position to have a surplus. and the pond has voted to donate $750 to the BC Branch of Special Olympics this year.  Well done BC Pond!

Initiation of new Ganders

12 new Ganders took their first flight.  You don't think we'd photograph the sacred right, do you???  :D
12 new Ganders took their first flight. You don’t think we’d photograph the sacred right, do you???

We have been fortunate in the last two years to have a renaissance happening in the organization.  At the 2014 initiation, we happily welcomed 12 new goslings, and we did the same again at the 2015 initiation.  Given our 2014 initiation happened in July of last year, all 24 goslings are counted towards our numbers this year, as far as Grand Nest is concerned.  As we head to convention in Baltimore, this means there is every chance we can win one of the membership awards!

The newly initiated Ganders are as follows:

  • Barzin Assadi, Pemberton Insurance Corporation
  • Michelle Boyd, ServiceMaster Restore
  • Eric Lalli, LWG Consulting
  • Steve McDonald, FirstOnSite Restoration
  • Evan Miles, Pat Anderson Agencies
  • Francois Naudi, United Scaffold Supply
  • Lisa Nykoluk, ServiceMaster Restore
  • Leon Sharp, Servpro
  • Jacob Singh, Intact Insurance
  • Brandon Stevenson, FirstOnSite Restoration
  • Brett Thibault, Intact Insurance
  • David Voth, DK Voth Enterprises

We were also very privileged to have Past Most Loyal Grand Gander Lorena Kohlruss, of the Calgary 2012 convention, join us for the evening.  PMLGG Kohlruss has now relocated to Nanaimo, and was fantastic in giving the Charge to our new initiates – an honour that Martin was sure to impress upon each as they entered.

However, that’s not all!  We have another 13 goslings that are waiting to take their first swim, but were not able to attend the initiation on June 11.  We will be having another special initiation meeting – likely in November, 2015, so stay tuned – and start talking to your friends in the industry that may wish to join!

Grand Nest Convention Delegates

This years marks the 109th Annual Grand next convention, which is being hosted in Baltimore, MD by the National Capital Pond, with MLGG Bill Olson presiding.  We are very pleased that we will have a full delegate attendance once again at the 2015 convention in Baltimore.  PMLG Angela Shears, and KGGE Wendy Knizek will be attending and voting on behalf of the pond, along with attending the various break-out meetings.

If you plan on attending convention, by all means reach out to Angela or Wendy so that they can co-ordinate with you!

Vancouver Island Puddle

Vancouver Island Puddle

With the attendance of PMLGG Kohlruss to our AGM, and her recent relocation to the Nanaimo area, she announced her willingness to lead the charge to reactivate our Vancouver Island Puddle.  She has already received an inquiry or two regarding the puddle, and will be moving to reactivate it over the next year.  MLG Moran is more than willing to assist where needed, including attending the Island for ceremonies where his presence may or will be required.

Further details on the re-formation of the Puddle will come shortly, and we can expect regular positive reports from PMLGG Lorena!

BC Pond 100th Anniversary – Committee Approved

On March 3, 1917, the Honorable Order of the Blue Goose International BC Pond received their charter.  We have just under two years until we celebrate our 100th anniversary, and we are pleased to announce that we have struck a committee to begin planning celebrations around this important event in our Pond.

MLG Moran will be leading the committee, and has committed to lead it through to the completion of the celebrations.  A notice asking for volunteers will be sent out shortly.  If you are interested in working on this committee, reach out to MLG Moran today!

 Proposal for BC Pond to provide Model Initiation to Edmonton Pond in 2018

As many in our Pond are aware, the Edmonton Pond is hosting the Grand Nest Convention in 2018.  MLG Moran has proposed that, as a final tip of the hat to our 100th anniversary which occurs in 2017, we offer to provide the Model Initiation at the Edmonton Convention.  Edmonton Pond has already graciously accepted our offer to hold the Model Initiation.

For those that have never attended a GN Convention before, the Model Initiation is a fantastic way for non-host ponds to give something to a convention, while also exercising their creativity, humour, and showing how their own pond inculcates character, charity, and fellowship.

MLG Moran will lead a sub-committee of the Anniversary Committee to explore ideas and to find individuals that would be willing to attend convention in Edmonton and provide the initiation rite.  If you are interested, reach out to him today!

BC Pond Convention Exploration Committee Approved

Exterior of the Vancouver Convention Centre, looking east. Photo credit: Vancouver Convention Centre

Our pond has a proud history within the Honorable Order of the Blue Goose International, including the hosting of Grand Nest Convention twice, once in 1937, and once in 1964.  Likely the biggest, and most fraught, discussion item of the AGM surrounded the possibility of hosting the Grand Nest Convention in the next available Canadian slot, which would be 2022, nearly 60 years after our last hand at hosting.  The discussion was wide ranging, and was centered on the affordability of hosting the convention, along with the feasibility of the support network of volunteers.

MLG Moran spoke in a passionate way regarding the convention and our organization as a whole, noting that the BC Pond was really the last truly social organization in the insurance industry, one that welcomes all comers, and one that provides an opportunity to truly mix and mingle with a large cross-section in a non-business intensive environment.

In the end and after much debate, it was decided to send our delegates to GN Convention in Baltimore with instructions for the Convention Committee.   Our delegates will advise the Committee of our Pond’s intention to form an exploratory committee, lead by MLG Moran, to determine the feasibility of hosting a convention in 2022.  Further, the delegates will advise that our pond will not not commit to hosting until the results of our committee are known, and that these will be made available to the Convention Committee at GN Convention in 2016 in St. Louis, MO.

All in all, a busier and later night than our AGMs usually are, and at times both contentious and productive.  It was certainly inspiring to see the forward momentum and direction that the Executive are instilling in our Pond!  Congratulations go out to our new executive, and may they guide the flight of our pond with clear and open hearts, minds and thoughts.

(While we won’t be meeting again until September, stay tuned to the website for further updates throughout the summer, especially with respect to some of the items that are listed above.)

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